Friday, August 18, 2023

Meet Up Report: Dessert Tour

I hosted a meetup that was a walking dessert tour of Downtown San Mateo! There's a ton of cute dessert places in the area and it's super walkable.

The first stop was Simply Cake! It's an Asian style bakery where you can get a tray and pick your pastries with tongs. I got a 'cheese tart' that tasted more like almond but was still really tasty and some snacks to take home for later.

Second Stop was Sweet Moment. It's mostly a shave ice and boba place I got shave ice but a lot of people ended up getting drinks. 

At Sweet Moment one of the attendees went next door to Basken Robbins and got an surprise Oreo ice-cream pizza! It tasted a lot like those ice cream sandwiches of chocolatey goodness. It was now that I was glad I brought a butter knife from home cuse it was really hard to cut through the frozen cookie crust with plastic o.o

Next on the list was Meet Fresh! I split this giant shave ice with a few people and it was the right choice. I was like 'ah we have a few people let's get the large' I was not expecting it to be *this* large!  It was bigger than my head! 

We did a quick photo break to take a group shot and have cute coord pics next to this ivy wall in front of the movie theater. 

Next stop was Mochinut but unfortunately they were all sold out of doughnuts for the day 😢 I'd never seen that happen before! Maybe next time I will buy an assortment online and say I will pick it up later so we have some on reserve. 

Still there were so many places left and everyone I think was already getting sweets overload. We made our way to Antoine's Cookies. A good stop to get items take home for later instead of having to eat them right away. 

Beard Papa's was next and I got the Hazelnut Cream weekly flavor! Super tasty!

There was a locksmith shop with more cute photo ops so we did a second quick photo break!

We went onwards to Somi Somi the tayaki ice-cream place. Unfortunately I was mostly dessert fatigued by this time so I didn't get anything but several others tried the seasonal guava flavor that sounded really good!

Last stop was Tong Sui which I was hoping for a refreshing drink cuse it was getting soooo hot but unfortunately the San Mateo stop is only the coconut puddings with no drinks! So sad as I'm not really a fan of the texture of the puddings they have.

Overall I think it was a successful meet! I definitely had a sugar coma after getting home and ate really savory dinner lounging on the couch.

Cutsew, socks, hairbows, pouch: BtSSB 
Necklace, bracelet: Angelic Pretty 
Shoes: Queen Bee

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