Saturday, July 29, 2023

Tea Review: iChina


iChina was on my maybe list of places to go as they are a regular restaurant but with a afternoon tea section. However I was recommended it by several different people and I have seen quite a few Instagram reels of the cute desserts! A friend we were making plans with had to pivot and I suggested iChina as a backup and they were willing to try it 💖

A heads up to anyone wanting to go here that this is almost completely desserts (with optional add on dimsum) so just be aware if you go it's going to be very sweets heavy!

This restaurant is located in Westfield Valley Fair mall. Easy to drive to and find parking but no public transportation. They have an OpenTable reservation system which was easy to use as a last minute reservation. I did not ask about dietary requests this time. 
Ease of access (location, hours, ease of making reservation, dietary menu options): 6.5/10

The atmosphere was very elegant and very comfy chairs. The place settings and tea pots etc. were all matching with a very clever tea strainer contraption. The staff were really helpful and knowledgeable about the teas and pastries and refilled our water a lot! The bathroom was really elegant but kinda confusing 😅
Atmosphere (décor, place settings, staff): 9/10

The price of the afternoon tea set is 1 $50 tower that feeds 2 people (though you have to split each dessert) and does not come with tea actually. Tea is a separate add on, which is frustrating and somewhat misleading for 'afternoon tea'. It also does not include any savories-only really fancy pastries. You can add on some dimsum from the lunch menu though if you want some savories. We added some dimsum and left pretty full but not overly stuffed, I think if we had just the desserts we would have been reasonably full. 
Price (value for money): 6.5/10

The tea menu was pretty limited, mostly green teas which were not my favorite but still were good for what they were.
Tea: 5/10

There were actually two scones at the bottom already filled with jam and a generous amount of cream. Pretty dry and a little small but still tasty! 
Scones (and/or crumpets): 6.5/10

We did get some add ons for chicken potstickers that were pretty tasty but had mushrooms so that wasn't as good for me. I am not rating them here though since they are not technically part of 'tea' menu. 
Savories: n/a

The sweets were all really delicious and creative, very French pastry chef but with more Chinese flavors twist! The raspberry rose mouse and pineapple calamansi were my favorites. 
Sweets: 10/10

Total average rating: 7.25/10

Overall I enjoyed this place and might go again if I have a craving for sweets! Not my favorite afternoon tea experience but I'm glad I tried it. I'd recommend it if you have a craving for a lot of variety of fancy sweets and a nice atmosphere with an even numbered small group.

And of course my outfit for the day:
Almost everything else: Angelic Pretty 
Bag: Emily Temple Cute
Shoes: Sheep Puff

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