Sunday, July 9, 2023

Tea Review: Dartealing Lounge

I visited Dartealing Lounge with some friends in my continuing quest to visit all the tea places! I've been to this tea place several times before and really enjoyed it- but will it stack up to all the other ones I've been to? 

Dartealing is located downtown SF, a moderate walk from BART and a shorter walk from Caltrain. There's not a ton of parking around but with SF being rather quiet after COVID parking was still fine to find nearby. They are only open on the weekends and they have a reservation form on their website which is easy to fill out. The sandwiches are prix fixe every week and vegetarian options available upon request. There was quite a bit of back and forth about number of guests and tea selections but they were prompt in their replies!
Ease of access (location, hours, ease of making reservation, dietary menu options): 7/10

The decor and place settings were similar to several other tea shops I've been to- mismatched plates and cups and tea pots with cute kitschy items on the walls. It was cute but not overly unique for a tea place. The staff came by several times to refill our hot water.
Atmosphere (décor, place settings, staff): 7.5/10

Price for tea is $37 per person and we left really satisfied but not overly stuffed. I think this tea was good value for money! 
Price (value for money): 9/10

The tea selection is varies but not overwhelming. the names are from popular TV and books such as Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Sherlock which was a fun touch!
Tea: 8/10

The scones (which I of course forgot to get a pic of 😓) were blueberry this time with enough height you could cut them and we were provided jam and clotted cream. There was an optional addition of a pair of crumpets for an extra fee but no one at our table opted for them as there was quite a lot of food already! The scones were a little dense but not too dry.
Scones (and/or crumpets): 8/10

The savories consisted of 4 sandwiches (apple and brie, cucumber herb cream cheese, ham and dijon, and potato salad with bacon jam) as well as a mini mac and cheese ball and mini sausage roll. Bonus points from me for the mac and cheese ball because I love mac and cheese! 
Savories: 9/10

There weren't as many sweets with this tea which was ok since the sandwiches were so generous. The fruit tart with passion fruit jam was really good and summery feeling a perfect light feeling to the end of the meal! I would have liked to see a little more balance between the savories and the sweets- even just more fruit. 
Sweets: 7.5/10

Total average rating: 8/10

Overall Dartealing has been my favorite so far of my tea adventures! Easy for me to get to with a good selection of teas and savories. While I have been here with a larger group before it's a pretty small place so I think it would be best for small to medium size groups. 

Headbow, Blouse, Socks, Purse: BtSSB
Shoes: Sheep Puff
Rings, bracelet: mix of AP and BtSSB

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