Saturday, August 19, 2023

Birthday Freebies!

One of the possibilities of prompts this month for Bibliotheca which was "lounging around" was "Fun things to watch to distract you from the weight of modern existence?" This post isn't about watching something but it is about a fun activity you can do to distract yourself from the weight of modern existence imo! 

To this end this year for my birthday I wanted to go on a little adventure. I saw a TikTok recently where a girl went around to a bunch of businesses to get free items for her birthday and I wanted to try it too! A lot of these you are required to sign up on their website, rewards program, or app to receive. I'll try to note how to get each item if there is a particular way. On to the freebies!!

First stop: Peets Coffee A free drink! To redeem your free drink on your birthday download the app. It was so hot this day I went with all iced drinks

Habit Burger Grill for lunch: A free burger! To redeem your free burger you have to download the app and sign up for their rewards program

Nothing Bundt Cakes: A free bundtlet cake. They have a rewards program you need to sign up for to get this freebie in your email. I got the seasonal flavor that was Lemon Raspberry- really tasty!

Sephora: A free gift of your choice from a few options, I already like Glow Recipe so I chose that skin care option! Make sure you sign up for their rewards program to get this gift! 

Sprinkles: A free cupcake! Make sure to sign up for their rewards program on their website. again I opted for a seasonal flavor that was Cookie flavor! 

Starbucks: A free drink any size! You'll have to use the app and register for an account to redeem your free drink. I tried one of the new blended frozen drinks and it was pretty tasty but I probably wouldn't pay full price for one. 

Paris Baguette: A free drink any size! Make sure you sign up for their rewards program through the app.

Some stores that I wanted to go to but happened to be closed the day of my actual birthday:

Susies Cakes: A free slice of cake! Join their rewards program (must spend at least $10 throughout the year to qualify for a birthday reward)

Buffalo Wild Wings: Free 6 piece wings any flavor, again must sign up for the rewards program to redeem. Still have not gotten this one yet but the coupon is technically good for several weeks. 

Some of these I knew about before, some I found through this website . I looked around for ones that I knew were close enough to me I could get to them relatively easily and that I would actually enjoy. Are you going to try for some free stuff on your birthday? Which places would you recommend I try for next year? :D

Cutsew: The Black Ribbon 
Cardigan, headbow, necklace, bracelet: Angelic Pretty
Pin: Milkribbon 
Shoes: Melissa 

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