Sunday, March 26, 2023

My Current Favorite Headwear!

This month's theme is headwear! Currently my favorite headwear item is berets; I think they are a versatile head item that can add a sophisticated or casual touch to an outfit. It wasn't always like that though, I used to dislike hats of all kinds! When I first started out I was adamant about NO HATS. I thought they looked silly on me, all the ones I tried on looked big and awkward and I didn't know how to wear or style them so I just tried to swear off them entirely. Then I found the matching hat that was released with that pink plaid set I like so much. This post turned into a mini trip down memory lane!

My first documented wearing of hat in lolita that I could find (2010). I still felt a bit weird in it but it was a new coordinate possibility with the more limited wardrobe I was working with at the time so collect it, I did! 

[One of my first not so great attempts at a floordinate from 2012 😅]

When I saw a dark pink beret from BtSSB in 2011 (pictured above) that matched well with the dark pink in the pink plaid and Mary in the Sky With Candies print I had a terrible time matching I went ahead and splurged for it new since I was getting a lot more comfortable with hats as lolita headwear!

My first documented time wearing this beret (also 2012)

Back then, same as now, I tend to favor what I would consider more "casual" lolita, less fancy coordinates often including cardigans, cutsews, smaller or less detailed headwear, things that are easier to wear out and about as 'daily' wear. When I wore these types of hats with lolita they didn't look as imbalanced as they did when I tried them outside of lolita- without a poofy skirt to balance top and bottom half. They are still 'plain' enough that I feel like they fit with my more subdued style but give a different sort of feeling to a headbow or hair bows and are very easy to throw on as a head item.

Some examples of "just throw on a beret" coords:

They are also easy to dress up a little if needed! Some already come with detachable bow pins and I will also sometimes add in my own extra flair with hair combs to make the beret a little more 'fancy' or add in a different color on top if I feel I need more color balance.

Some examples of coords with berets with pins that come with or added hairbows:

While I don't often do much to my hair but let it do it's thing there are other styles I like to wear with berets such as shorter wigs or with a few braids!

Some examples with shorter wigs than my natural hair: 

Some examples with braids:

One downside of berets is that they do tend to slide off a lot! Especially if you wear wigs! Some come with small combs sewn into the sides to keep them on but many do not. I've taken to sewing these type of snap combs, one on each side, to keep the beret in place! They are super easy to add in (and take out if you ever want to sell the item) and make beret wearing so much more secure.

I love berets! Do you also wear berets? Do you have a favorite way to wear them? Let me know in the comments!

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