Wednesday, January 11, 2023

New Year- New Goal!

This year I'm going to embark on a different type of challenge/goal- visit all the afternoon tea shops in the area! I really like afternoon tea and there's been a few times in the last year when someone has asked my "favorite" spot for afternoon tea and I didn't really know the answer! It had been several years since I had been to some and there are quite a few more that I have not visited yet. There are popular meet-up locations where due to space availability and more central location but were those ones my favorites? Thus the idea of visiting them all relatively close together along with some sort of a review process was born!

First a list of all the tea places in the area. I only chose places that have afternoon tea service and are at least semi-standalone afternoon tea places- hotels with tea service don't count! (Though I will review them if I happen to do an event at one in the upcoming year). For places with multiple locations also I will only visit one. If I hear of any others throughout the year I'll update the list!

  1. Lovejoy's Tea Room
  2. Sip Tea Room
  3. Crown And Crumpet
  4. Dartealing Lounge
  5. Son and Garden
  6. Malaya Tea Room
  7. Pardee Home Museum
  8. Rotunda 
  9. Lisa's Tea Treasures
  10. Thyme for Tea
  11. Tea Time
  12. The RoyalTea Garden
  13. Leland Tea Compony
  14. Dainteas
  15. Maison Danel
  16. Jade Chocolates

Next my rating system. Some of these places are really hard to even get reservations at being limited times or limited number of people to even get a reservation! Some are a little more pricey than others but I'm not sure if the food and atmosphere would justify the higher price. So I think my ratings will be as follows:

Ease of access (location, hours, ease of making reservation, dietary menu options): 1-10
Atmosphere (décor, place settings, staff): 1-10
Price (value for money): 1-10
Tea: 1-10
Scones (and/or crumpets): 1-10
Savories: 1-10
Sweets: 1-10
Total average rating: 1-10

Of course there will be notes about why I might rate something the way I did; extra notes of what is very good or less than stellar about the place though other things in that category might bump up the score. 

Come follow along on my tea sampling journey to find my favorite tea spot in the area! 💗

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